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SSRG Word Cloud Welcome to the homepage of the Systems Software Research Group in the Bradley Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech. The group's general research area is computer systems, with a focus on concurrency, distributed systems, operating systems, compilers/run-times, real-time systems, and verification. A cross-cutting goal is to understand how to build software systems -- broadly defined -- that are high-performant, secure, reliable, energy-efficient, and real-time. Ongoing projects include systems software for emerging heterogeneous architectures, verification of systems software, secure operating systems, and concurrency control abstractions and algorithms.


Welcome aboard Basavesh!

Basavesh Shivakumar has joined SSRG as a research associate. Welcome aboard Basavesh!

Welcome aboard Dr. Swarn Priya!

Dr. Swarn Priya has joined SSRG as a postdoctoral scholar. Welcome aboard Swarn!

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